What Parents Say

“Starlings is a fabulous preschool that provides a very caring and nurturing environment! Amanda does an amazing job working with the children, both socially and academically. She is gifted at figuring out the best way to work with each child and creates a happy environment that allows the kids who go there to focus on the joy of learning, playing and making friends. Both of my daughters have gone to Starlings and are more than prepared for Kindergarten as a result.”

– The Glazebrooke Family

“Our daughter has thrived at Starlings. We’ve watched her learn so many new and exciting things in art, music, and her vocabulary has exploded! Most importantly, she has formed strong and lasting friendships with her classmates. Her social skills have really blossomed. She is entering Kindgergarden this fall and is more than ready for the new challenges ahead. We would highly recommend Amanda and her program!”

– The Jaramillo Family

“Amanda Negrete and Starlings Preschool did a fabulous job of preparing my daughter for Kindergarten. Not only was she already reading and writing short stories, she was well-prepared for the social and behavioral expectations of the classroom. The field trips, art, music and lighthearted play time also provided plenty of stimulation and enthusiasm for school. Best of all, she walked into the first day of school confident, excited about learning, and accompanied by a small group of ready-made friends (her classmates at Starlings). She had a great year, and I credit Amanda and Starlings with helping make that happen.”

– The Frahm Family

“What I liked best about Starlings Preschool was how warm and personal the environment was. My son loved the art projects, and especially enjoyed the singing and music. I always felt so comfortable dropping him off there because I knew he was safe, happy, and learning new things to stimulate creativity.”

– The Hansen Family

“Amanda gets my kid! She takes the time to figure out what makes him tick. She provides insight into my son’s behavior which helps me to understand what I need to address vs. what is typical toddler behavior. Music, Music, Music! I love the fact that she introduces all kinds of musical instruments to the kids. She plays for the children and gives each child a chance to play. The level of her musical expertise is not something you get at most preschools.”

– The Neff Family

“Our pre-k daughter has grown immensely in her confidence of letter recognition and numbers and is excite to go to school every morning! We have full confidence that she is well equipped to start her journey into kindergarten. We love Amanda’s creative and fun approach to learning!”

– The Eberly Family